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Unfair competition

Unfair competition is a growing phenomenon in the field of business. Violations of intellectual property and business secrecy, obstructing market access, or product mimicking are the most common illegal practices.
Although they are illegal and may be the reason for court proceedings, they are often difficult to document (according to the law, the victim must provide evidence of unfair competition).
In the scope of our services we undertake actions aimed at detecting practices of unfair competition. We always work professionally and discreetly, and our records and reports can be the basis for you to take legal action to enforce your claim for a violation.

The acts of unfair competition are in particular:
Misleading indications of business / misleading indications of goods and services / breach of business secrecy / inducement to terminate or refrain from contract / imitation of products / slander or inaccurate praise / hindering access to market / bribery of a public servant / unfair or forbidden advertising / avalanche sale organization

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